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How to take better photos of your kids

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

You may be a little biased, but you know your kid is the absolute cutest in the entire world. Help the world see it too by taking the best photos of them possible.

Get Low

One of the most important and most overlooked ways to get a great shot of your little is to get down to their level. Not only are they more likely to look at you because you're at eye level with them but it really makes their face the focus of the photo instead of the top of their head.

Learn the ins and outs of 'phonetography'

You paid a lot for a fancy phone, why not take advantage of the cameras many features?

Check out Creative Live's video on portrait photography for iPhone X, it's full of great tips for doing your own mini photo session wherever the inspiration strikes you.

Declutter Declutter Declutter

The Best way to take focus away from your littles is by taking photos while they're surrounded by clutter. If they're in a set position and you want a shot of them doing something try moving around them to get a better background. Here is an example of my girls in a fixed setting, a kiddie pool.

Notice the Left side his busy looking with the wagon and grill and one sister in the background. By moving to the other side of the kiddie pool I cleared the background of the clutter and your eye is immediately drawn to Aubrey instead of all over the place.

The difference is night and day, from "yeah, you might get a couple of likes on facebook" to a shot that's almost frame worthy, just by walking to the other side of the kiddie pool.

Get Closer

My final tip is to move closer to your little because, well, they're little! They get lost in the photo unless you're nice and close to them.

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